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A Major Music was started by music instructor Greg Allers with the intentions of finding and training the best teachers who care about their students and want to give them the best learning experience because they genuinely love teaching and playing their instrument. It is always been a dream of his to offer lessons for every instrument and to help other teachers who he genuinely believes in become the best teacher they can be.

Background Info of A Major

Greg Allers had been teaching music for 8 years before going back to Missouri University to obtain his second degree. This time instead of music he chose Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Half way through his 4 years he realized that in two years, all of his students would not have a capable, professional teacher when he graduated and became and engineer. So he started reading every book he could get his hands on about running a business. Soon A Major Music was born and because of values, good intensions, training courses, and smart use of in-home lessons, A Major Music quickly took off and became a growing school in multiple companies. Greg still does some part time engineering consulting for industrial energy efficiency projects, but the bulk of his time is still dedicated to A Major Music. Making sure everything runs smoothly, that all the students and teachers are happy, and always working to grow A Major Music to help more teachers and more students!

Future plans

A Major Muisc will one day be in every city in the United States. The App for both students and teachers is already in progress.

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