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Update 2/23/20:

Due to the virus outbreak we now offer lessons with our teachers via Video Chat online!

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Current Student Stories

Here is what just a few of our hundreds of happy students had to say.

  • I have had a very positive experience with A Major Music. Their teachers are very patient and knowledgeable on what and how they should teach me. The instructors tailor the lessons to the individual. I will continue and recommend the school to others.
    Rochelle R.
    Rochelle R.
  • I like the combination of songs, theory, and skills. The affordability is appreciated and they simplify songs to my level. Great mix of encouragement, experience with all types of music, and ability to simplify concepts, have really made learning to play the guitar an attainable goal. They truly the best music teachers! John K.

  • I have learned so much about how music that now I can sit down and write a song I know knowing what works and why. I can not believe I am writing songs myself! I am so happy I started taking lessons with A Major Music. They make everything clear and easy to follow. Hunter S.
  • I have been taking Guitar lessons for 6 months. They are really well organized and take you through the concepts very slowly making sure you are doing everything right. They are really flexible and chill. 5 stars! Cole
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A Major Music Lessons

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Lessons are typically once a week and paid for with a subscription.

If you need to cancel a lesson with your teacher, please contact them directly no later than 6 hours before your scheduled lesson time to be eligible for a make up lesson.
Any lessons canceled that are eligible for a makeup lesson, automatically become a a make up lesson credit that you can use anytime.

When going out of town here are some ways we recommend to help stay consistent, and get the most out of your lessons.
– If you are missing an entire week, we recommend scheduling a double lesson the week before you leave or the week after you return.
– If you are missing two entire weeks, we recommend scheduling a double lesson the week before you leave and for the week after you return.

Arrival Time, for in-home lessons (where the teacher drives to your home for the lesson) the teacher may arrive 15 minutes early or late. For example, if your lesson is scheduled for 5pm plan on your teacher arriving between 4:45pm and 5:15pm.

We are primarily just music lessons and do not actually sell guitars for profit or as part of the business, but we know how hard it is to find a good deal on a guitar without connections and how hard it is to know what to look for if you are a beginner.

So we offer a service where you can tell me what you are looking for in what price range and I can go see what I can find, buy it and then sell it to you at the cost I paid.

Or occasionally I come across a great deal for beginner equipment and I buy it in advance knowing it will help someone get started more easily.

In almost every situation, we only hire teachers that are going to be with us for more than 2 years, but there are sometime special circumstances that a teacher needs to move away early.

The good news is that all of our instructors go through extensive training. They learn how to teach the best way and the same way. So although each teacher has a different personality, their material and overall methods for teaching will be the same.

Other music schools do not train their teachers at all, so if you we are to switch to a new teacher at a different music school, the learning curve will be very difficult and hopefully your instructor will teach you the songs you want to learn like we do, know proper form for playing techniques and music theory so you can learn an understanding of why you are playing something, not just how to play something.

We offer online lessons through any typer of video chat platform. Skype, facetime, etc.

Lessons work the same way as a face to face in-home lesson but are only $17.50 per lesson.

It is also recomended that brand new beginners not start out with skype lessons. The student will need to follow instructions and will not have someone their to specifically correct hand positions.

Online lessons are not recommended for everyone but if you are interested, fill out a contact form and ask us about them.

Each week we will honor one of our students who has shown exceptional progress, a great attitude or a love for music! Congratulations Abby and Caleb! They are brother and sister taking guitar and drum lessons. They earned this achievement by working hard, improving tremendously, having a awesome positive attitude and for just loving to play guitar!

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Goals and Values

A Major Music was started by music instructor Greg Allers with the intentions of finding and training the best teachers who care about their students and want to give them the best learning experience because they genuinely love teaching and playing their instrument. It is always been a dream of his to offer lessons for every instrument and to help other teachers who he genuinely believes in become the best teacher they can be.

Background Info of A Major

Greg Allers had been teaching music for 8 years before going back to Missouri University to obtain his second degree. This time instead of music he chose Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Half way through his 4 years he realized that in two years, all of his students would not have a capable, professional teacher when he graduated and became and engineer. So he started reading every book he could get his hands on about running a business. Soon A Major Music was born and because of values, good intensions, training courses, and smart use of in-home lessons, A Major Music quickly took off and became a growing school in multiple companies. Greg still does some part time engineering consulting for industrial energy efficiency projects, but the bulk of his time is still dedicated to A Major Music. Making sure everything runs smoothly, that all the students and teachers are happy, and always working to grow A Major Music to help more teachers and more students!

Future plans

A Major Muisc will one day be in every city in the United States. The App for both students and teachers is already in progress.


Safety is one of our highest concerns. We go through great lengths to only hire good hearted teachers and have many security protocols in place to keep them safe.


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